About Us

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All about AXIS

Since the early ‘80’s the partners of Axis have honed their craft working independently on assorted projects of varying complexity. In late 2016 the three friends resolved to reconnect to form Axis Architectural Group leveraging all of their individual talents and hard-earned expertise. Singly, each partner had achieved a high level of personal and professional success, together this “new” collaboration has grown to be much more than the sum of its parts. Indeed, there is a “magic” to Axis AG, one can simply walk into our studio to feel the collaborative vibe and positively charged atmosphere. This has not only reengaged the partners but also the associates of the firm. The beneficiaries of this energy? Our clients! Our extensive diverse experience and strong relationships with a wide range of clientele allow us to expertly design projects across all sectors. In fact, it is this diversity that uniquely positions Axis to provide our clients with the best and often unexpected design solutions to their project. From preliminary site investigation and feasibility studies through planning, site and building design and construction, we deliver unique design resulting in not only optimized land development but appealing spaces and facades. In short, design excellence.

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