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Each client and project is unique. Our full service practice leverages many skills to provide our clients with exceptional service for their project.


Design is essentially problem solving.  First though, the problem needs to be identified or rather; clarified.  This is essential in order to develop the most ideal solution or design.  Our experience; having gone through the process many times with varied client and project types; provides our clients with guidance much like having an experienced guide on safari.  Often, we uncover alternatives and options that were never considered as well as pointing out the alligators along the way.  Once the problem is clarified we bring our multi-faceted architectural design expertise to bear on the solution considering the artistic, humanistic and economic aspects to bear.  We test the design against the multiple codes, ordinances and other building restrictions and conventions to ensure the design meets all applicable criteria.  The final design is the result of a thorough and studied analysis of the problem.

Interior Design

To create special spaces.

Interiors is as much about the “look” of a space as it is about the “feel” of a space. Certainly, materials (or finishes) must be carefully selected to evoke the look and feel that is sought. Interior design is also about the interrelationship of spaces, the uses of these spaces, and their three dimensions in space.  The functions that are to occur within a given space and adjoining spaces must be designed so that they may occur smoothly, safely and efficiently.

Of course, furniture and furnishings will also contribute to the design of the space and must be considered together with the above aspects to achieve a “successful” interior design. Much like our architectural design, interior design must also comply with the multiple codes and other material restrictions and conventions to ensure the design meets all applicable criteria.

Project Management

We at Axis Architectural Group offer the client Project Management service for their project.  We perform the duties under general supervision and are responsible for all aspects of the project for the life of the project.  We will lead and direct cross-functional teams to deliver your project within the constraints of schedule, budget and resources.  We have the experience and knowledge to appropriately apply our construction knowledge, methodology to your project and have reasonably well-defined project requirements and deliverables.

3D Printing & Rendering

An architect uses every tool possible from pencil and paper to computer screens and hand-built models to develop design concepts.  Although we provide traditional color renderings, Axis-AG has invested in the most dynamic means of exploring design concepts with the acquisition of a 3D printer.  Hand built models are tedious, time consuming and require multiple builds to visualize a space or building.  Having the ability to “print” many options in 3-D, aka models, gives the designer and client immediate feedback in the built world.  This newer technology as a tool, gives a client an understanding of several concepts and even the final building design, and the confidence to move forward.  3D prints also provide excellent marketing material.

Preliminary Planning

Before a property owner can move forward with any building, Axis-AG can assist a client to determine the opportunities and options their real estate investment.  We assist with site selection, zoning analysis, and “best-fit”.   We look below the waterline to truly unlock the full potential of development opportunity whether it is repositioning an existing asset or developing a new one.  We can provide reports, studies and sketches for evaluations.  Further, we can assist clients to find properties to expand their portfolio and or business as well as assist preparing properties for transition to new ownership.  This aspect of our practice offers real value to our clients that might otherwise go unrealized.

Programming / Space Needs Assessments

Land use analysis / Fit Studies

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3D computer modeling / Animation

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Expert Reports / Architectural consultations

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Project Management

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